HPS Groundnut Kernels (Peanut)


PeanutsWhiteIndia is one of the largest producer of Groundnuts in the world. Indian groundnuts are available in different varieties: i.e. Bolds or Runners, Javas or Spanish and Red Natals; and have a rich nutty flavour, sweet taste, crunchy texture and a relatively longer shelf life.

Groundnuts in India are available throughout the year due to a two-crop cycle harvested in March and October. On an average, India produces 7- 8 million tons of groundnuts (unshelled) every year. In fact, considering the current export figures, India has a much larger potential to supply high quality groundnuts to the international buyer.

The awareness and concern for quality amongst the Indian groundnut shellers and processors are growing steadily. Multiple sorting and grading are fast becoming a norm. Indian shippers have the capability to prepare and supply edible peanuts conforming to highest standards.



Java Pyore


TJ / Java Mix

Blanched Peanut

HPS Groundnut Kernels Specification

Hulled Sesame Seed



After harvesting the seeds are usually cleaned and hulled. In some countries once the seeds have been hulled they are passed through an electronic colour-sorting machine that rejects any discolored seeds to ensure perfectly coloured Sesame Seeds. This is done because Sesame Seeds with consistent appearance are perceived to be of better quality by consumers and sell for a higher price. Immature or off-sized seeds are removed and used for oil production.


Hulled Sesame Seeds Specification

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